I have reached the "writing a 4 chapter philosophical treatise on the nature of identity and why I exist" part of the pandemic.

record scratches, camera freezes, etc.

So how did I get here? well when @mike and @kev wrote about why they blog and then started , I tried to write a quick summary of why I write a blog. But then that turned into why do I do anything, and the whole project snowballed, and 3ish weeks later I have described my "reasons."


Nice one, and thanks for linking to some other articles that makes relevant to what you are saying. I haven't read those articles, but I will read at ease. I like this sort of articles where people explore about what's happening ultimately and what is it all about.

So, to the last question in your post.. I'm just smooth sailing, in other words - following the flow :)

@mike @kev

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