Hello Mastodon! I have a request.

I'm trying to find a cafe that openly publishes their operating budget online. Has anyone ever heard of that?

Why? It's been my brother's and my dream to create a non-profit coop-type cafe that compensates workers fairly and keeps prices fair too. To do this I want to make some way for the whole org to be totally open. I've assumed that something like this must exist, but I just haven't ever been able to find it through a search engine or word of mouth.

@tomosaigon i think i see where you're going with this. the answer is a whopping 0, but that's why it called it a dream! 😅

@bonkerfield sure! It's not impossible to start a cafe w/o experience but you'll need to hire people who have it. And like any business be well capitalized to buy a lot of needed expensive equipment and be prepared to lose money for many months. F&B is especially difficult and competitive. Plus many people will not feel it's safe to go to a cafe for the foreseeable future. Maybe best to start by working in another cafe.

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