Personal Pledge to Keep Mastodon Not Shitty.

1. Post no distractions. Our time is so short, and so much to do. Each thing I write should aim to make others better off.

2. Ignore shock and flash. Support quiet voices of value. Don't reward outrageous, it breeds more outrage.

3. Reply for the better. Don't pander. Don't doggie-pile on dissenters.

4. Assume humanity, prepare for trolls. I might not see the harm I do. Others don't see how they are perceived. Remain aware of others' intentions.

This was just me taking the advice to make a public pledge for my behavior. I will try to live by these standards here, call me out if you see me breaking them. And please, make a personal pledge that speaks to you!

this is good #HumaneTech advice, thank you.

I recently found a very good guide to avoid trolls (without becoming one yourself) and posted about it on our forum. The main rule was:

"A conversation is not a contest"

@humanetech An interesting read (and a very interesting place to find that guide 😜 ). It seemed to me the article's definition of trolling was painted with a rather wide brush. I meant the term in a more limited directly inflammatory way, but I see the point.

I really loved this phrase for identifying trollishness within oneself:
"In the end if you aren't seeking to become challenged, wiser, or respectful to the people around you then you are likely a troll."

@bonkerfield yes, I found that a compelling take on the whole concept too.. the TL;DR of continuously asking yourself if you're not behaving trolishly yourself while trying to fight them, and falling into a very common trap.

@bonkerfield actually this would be a pretty cool ethos for a dedicated mastodon instance. Basically:

- no shitposts
- closer to 500 chars than 10 chars
- no memes
- no content fodder
- no animal pics(?!)

@middlepath It could be indeed. Mine above isn't meant to be prescriptive, but it could be cool to see what that would look like. Though it'll be tough to keep animal pics away. 😹 🐶

@bonkerfield doubt I could get behind number 1. I like distractions.

But a man must have a code 😉

@bonkerfield Great suggestions. Let's start by removing humans from each instance ... 😈
I highly doubt that this is possible in the long run since it's the normal development process when a broad variety of people gets involved. However, I sympathize with your ideas.

@publicvoit perhaps you've misinterpreted. this is a "personal pledge" for myself to do better for others. it doesn't ask you to change yourself in any way.

@bonkerfield You're right. I misinterpreted "personal pledge" with something like "pledge for every person" or similar. It's stupid, after I re-read your comment. Sorry.
I feel your pain.
However, I do think that each information can be a "distraction" to one group of people and a valuable thing for another group of people. Do you feel like you can easily follow your proposal?

@publicvoit Thanks. The relative nature of distraction is a very good point. That's part of the reason for making it public, to start a dialog with others about this. If people see my posts and feel that I'm creating distractions for them, I'm kind of giving permission to let me know so I can weight their opinion and possible improve.

@bonkerfield IMHO this is why Mastodon offers time-line filter according to keywords. Let it be "client-side". You can't do this choice for your average follower.

@publicvoit I'll remember that as I go forward. You may be right, but my goal is to be a good citizen here, and I have a personal philosophy that listening to and thinking of others can help both parties be better. So I'm trying that for now.

(but of course, maybe I'm being overly optimistic. I'm new to social media and haven't had my faith in humanity destroyed yet.)

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