Are there any web/game developers who are into and would want to help me make an online black rock city?

I've started a demo that has multiplayer support for running around and text chat, and there's even a sunset, dust storms, and LEDs. For now, I've gotten started with a implementation (just because of no cost tier), but I'd like to run on FOSS.

I have a post that explains where I'm at now and how to access the demo site here:

@bonkerfield I love messing with web stuff. I assume you're using the canvas? I have too much schoolwork that I've put off too long, or else I'd be all over it. Just for the tech, I've never burningmanned.

@genbyte It's a combination of angular and hard coded SVGs. I've never used Canvas, but I was thinking of switching it to D3. See if your profs will let you turn this into a homework project! 😜

@bonkerfield I'm not an expert at game design, but I think I know a thing or two about websites. If you ask me, I'd recommend rewriting it. But that's probably because I don't know anything about Angular. :thonking:
Also: I think there's a bunch of stuff in the repo you don't need. And update the readme!

@Johann150 OK,OK, I should definitely rework the frontend. I don't know anything about angular either! I just based it off another project that used angularfire for the realtime database.

@bonkerfield Looking into it a bit more, a FOSS backend solution would be a nodejs server.

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