WoohooπŸ“£ , I think I just got working on my site! I used to integrate it with so hopefully replies to this toot should show up embedded in the comments section. πŸ€žπŸ™


next step is adding a little mastodon form to toot directly from the comments section, but that's another days project.


and it's working! at least for 🐦 site. haven't had any mastodon activity to test yet. (reply if you want to field test software πŸ˜€)

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@lu thank you lu! you are now forever immortalized in the comments of my hello world blog post. πŸ™

@sexybiggetje yeah, it's not in real-time unfortunately. looking at the UI, it seems that it does a pull about every 30 minutes.

@bonkerfield immortalize me! I have to get web mentions working for my site too.

@genbyte @sexybiggetje oh no, it looks like brid.gy only backtracks up 2 replies to find a link for the original post on masto. so these experiments will only work if the reply to the original posts is guess. ugh, i'm currently developing on brid.gy right now to add reddit integration, so i'll file an issue to investigate. 😩

@bonkerfield @genbyte @sexybiggetje I'd love to see this fixed. The Mastodon integration is kinda new but I totally dig it πŸ˜€

Hoping for Diaspora next now that API landed in dev.

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