i just joined and noticed it's tough to find active people to follow. has built themed lists, which are a great start, but many accounts are stale and there's a lot of clicking to navigate online.

so last night i played with 's API and packaged up some filtering and automation into /#selenium so all i have to do is 1 click confirm. i put it on gh this morning for other like me.

@bonkerfield very cool. I’ll have to check this out when I get home and back to my computer. Would be awesome to find more people to follow and hopefully do more here than twitter and other socials.

@bonkerfield neat! If you want to go faster still, you could also follow directly via the API (there are python bindings for it), though that may be _too_ automated

@halcy yeah, i thought about it, but I wanted to at least see the profile images for myself and verify and this seemed like the easiest way to do it.

@bonkerfield Do you mind if I link to this on the main page of Trunk?

@amolith yeah, for sure. 👍 i'm glad people are finding it useful.

@bonkerfield this is neat, will probably save me a couple of hours

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