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Anyone know of any open source COVID symptom questionnaire out there?

To better understand all the elements involved with the release of @opensuse Leap 15.2 and to know what went well and what didn't go well, we ask you to take this survey. The survey will close on August 4. Thank you in advance for those who fill it out 😀

Running this morning with lightning in the air definitely helped my times. Have not posted two consecutive sub 8-minute miles for over a month. Traveling will do that to you.

The release of @opensuse Leap 15.2 provides adopters a reliable server operating system for deploying IT services and the tools, languages and libraries to have fun -

Find out what's new, what's different and what's stayed the same in @opensuse Leap 15.2 -

Congrats @cooper on the new gig here at @fosstodon! Honestly, this place is the best part of the internet right now and it isn't even close.

Was able to look at the student surveys this morning ... overall not too shabby. Definitely see areas where I need to improve, but I'd be concerned if I didn't.

Ready for a nerd update?

My challenge of the week is to find a framework that measures where our IT dept is (as-is) and where we want it to go (to-be). How should we manage our IT so that we can best support org goals? What are our evaluation criteria and how can we measure our progress?

I'm looking into frameworks, and what would work best for a small org. Stuff like IT Matury Models and ITIL.

So far I really enjoy taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. 🤓

Combating a pandemic requires deep, carefully considered thought and responses and we seem to be poorly equipped to give everyone the space to do that.

I feel like our hyper-connected, social-media-obsessed lifestyles are a really poor fit for today. Dangerously poor fit.

And with that we close out The Great Correcting Marathon Spring 2020. Two courses done and in the books.

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