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Was able to look at the student surveys this morning ... overall not too shabby. Definitely see areas where I need to improve, but I'd be concerned if I didn't.

Ready for a nerd update?

My challenge of the week is to find a framework that measures where our IT dept is (as-is) and where we want it to go (to-be). How should we manage our IT so that we can best support org goals? What are our evaluation criteria and how can we measure our progress?

I'm looking into frameworks, and what would work best for a small org. Stuff like IT Matury Models and ITIL.

So far I really enjoy taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. 🤓

Combating a pandemic requires deep, carefully considered thought and responses and we seem to be poorly equipped to give everyone the space to do that.

I feel like our hyper-connected, social-media-obsessed lifestyles are a really poor fit for today. Dangerously poor fit.

And with that we close out The Great Correcting Marathon Spring 2020. Two courses done and in the books.

In preparation for POTENTIALLY deleting my account at some point in the future, I've created an Identities page.

Keybase aside, it's probably good practice for me to maintain something like this on my own site.

We're excited to announce that GNOME has accepted 14 outstanding interns to work with our team this summer! The interns will be working on various projects ranging from improving in our app ecosystem to core components and infrastructure. Congrats! 🥳👏

If you would have told me a year ago that I’d do a morning run with my beautiful wife I’d have told you that you are crazy. However, she’s an inspiration and it is time to take my health up a notch.

I help out my kid's elementary school as their education board chair and with some other things ... but their tech guy keeps forcibly installing Chrome Apps and it is getting bloody annoying!

Anyone have any experience with Jetpack Search and WordPress multisite installations?

Discuss, Define and be Transparent with the @opensuse Community. SLE Release Team blogs about collaboration, tool sharing and more -

Three of four @opensuse Tumbleweed installs have updated ... fourth is coming up soon.

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