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Three of four @opensuse Tumbleweed installs have updated ... fourth is coming up soon.

Follow up ... active adapter means a working display! Also ran an Ethernet cable to the dock. Now have a single cable for power + display + USB + audio + Ethernet ... super pumped.

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I thought there used to be a site which showed the upcoming builds for @opensuse Tumbleweed. Anyone know what it is?

Sadly, adapter from colleague did not make a difference. I do not know if it is an active adapter or not. Now I wait for Tuesday delivery.

Being able to just walk up to my desk and hook up my ThinkPad to two more monitors, keyboard, mouse, audio, network, and power with a single cable would be amazing. I hope this will work but now I wait until Tuesday.

Picked up a Thunderbolt 3 docking station and the monitors do not work. I am wondering if a passive DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable is not the right bit of kit for the job. Just ordered an active adapter and we will see how it works.

The @opensuse Virtual Summit will have a talk about the . Those interested in configuration management, content management, patch management, compliance, building images & containers, virtualization won't want to miss this talk -

Adrian Schroter will be giving a talk at the @opensuse Virtual Summit about the new idea of developing - The presentation will highlight the current state and upcoming challenges.

Google Chat (their replacements for Hangouts for organizations) now has just a PWA ... that really stinks.

Get an overview of the current and upcoming changes to @opensuse Leap 15.2 and 15.3 at our virtual summit on May 1 -

Jitsi working on End-to-End Encryption -

😍 This is awesome! Also I think they are one of the only ones that will be able to pull off true e2ee. Because most others intercept audio / video and process on it. Where as jitsi operates as an SFU and selectively forwards streams based on the network conditions of individual clients.

If they needed to actually process the audio / video this would require the bridge to be trusted to decrypt the payloads. Super cool!

Best mobile headset options for a laptop ... go! Looking for something that folds down reasonably well.

I don't know enough about the SUSE recommendation for @opensuse Leap releases in the future but I, by and large, am in favor of simplifying the Leap releases and bringing them closer in line with SLE releases. Tumbleweed as the development platform and then a joint SLE/Leap release that pulls from Tumbleweed would, to me, seem to be really great.

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