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Get an overview of the current and upcoming changes to @opensuse Leap 15.2 and 15.3 at our virtual summit on May 1 -

Jitsi working on End-to-End Encryption -

😍 This is awesome! Also I think they are one of the only ones that will be able to pull off true e2ee. Because most others intercept audio / video and process on it. Where as jitsi operates as an SFU and selectively forwards streams based on the network conditions of individual clients.

If they needed to actually process the audio / video this would require the bridge to be trusted to decrypt the payloads. Super cool!

Best mobile headset options for a laptop ... go! Looking for something that folds down reasonably well.

I don't know enough about the SUSE recommendation for @opensuse Leap releases in the future but I, by and large, am in favor of simplifying the Leap releases and bringing them closer in line with SLE releases. Tumbleweed as the development platform and then a joint SLE/Leap release that pulls from Tumbleweed would, to me, seem to be really great.

One I item that has become quite obvious is that I probably need to open up the pocket book a little bit more and get the basketball hoop up for the kids and also start to finish the attic for the kids. The extra space will be really useful.

Was able to help out at our local church to get a few of the problems with the live stream worked out. Now I hope to start digging out in my basement office again ... currently rearranging so that my wife can have her treadmill down there in a better spot.

Fosstodon is such an amazing community, I feel like I've badly neglected it over the last couple of months.

Everytime I'm here I see interesting people doing awesome things and sharing cool technologies. There's always something new to find.

Keep being awesome 🤘

We bought a 4-slice toaster today since our old one died. I could not be more excited. Breakfast just became a little faster to prepare.

Normally classes would be in full swing by this time and instead an almost completely empty parking lot.

Need to convince my wife that we can effectively have my office and a guest room in the same room. Time to start some more planning.

Basement would be utilities, workout, storage, and laundry. First floor is living and dining space. Second floor as bedrooms and my office. Attic as rec space for kids and friends.

Working from home may push up our attic project here. Being able to move more of the kid's stuff into the attic would help us all spread out.

@boblmartens the fact that it's proprietary was enough for me...

@boblmartens I think it’s far past the point of return when something has reached this level of adoption. Funnily enough we discussed the privacy issues in our last Zoom meeting and the majority were not concerned.

At what point do the Zoom issues become too big to ignore? Are we past that point?

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