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Not the outcomes we were hoping for today but the guys played hard both times.

Full release notes:

* Finally! Full support for video and audio posts!
* Bugfixes for saving and sharing attachments.
* You can now tap on image descriptions to hide them.
* Nicer transitions when opening attachments.
* There are now links to the bug tracker and official account on the settings screen.
* Fixed double tap to zoom.

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Toot! v1.11 has been released!

After a bit of a long break because of life and such, there is now a new version! This one brings - FINALLY - video and audio support! (Still missing play controls for these, but I figured I'd go ahead and release something, and get those in in the next version instead.)

For trying out the audio playing, I warmly recommend checking out #pewvember! I wanted to get this out in time for that month, so that's how late this ran...

Any Java devs out there have experience hooking up a Java application to SAML? Let me know!

Time to attend class. Getting some walking in is just icing.

Yes, I know these are excuses ... I'm extremely lazy.

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Between Two Worlds

I have been spending too much time thinking about digital platforms again. It breaks down into two choices at the moment:

Continue working in Apple's ecosystem for much of my personal and professional lifeWork to move as much as possible to open source and free software alternatives which may include self-hosting a number of items

I have been able

An Article on the Astro Cheating Scandal 

I do tend to agree with a lot of this. Baseball is still my favorite sport, but watching it, and cheering for it, has gotten harder for just this reason. We need MORE human games and MORE human interaction ... not less.

The boys love the retro gaming console ... but I was negligent in figuring out how saves work. I have now rectified that.

First snow removal from this blizzard. We will see what tomorrow brings.

-11 feels like -29 right now. Chilly morning.

More Thoughts on Workspace 

Still wondering how I can get to something like this. Obviously I don’t have the room, but what elements do I want? What is so inviting about this particular space?

Baseball Spots Talk 

The Twins signed Josh Donaldson which is ... amazing. From 1-9, potentially the best lineup in baseball. Bring on some additional pitching and let’s play ball!

A large amount of package updates arrived in @opensuse Tumbeweed this week including curl, @libreoffice, @kde and more -

Why do folks often believe that to go FOSS, they need to remove Outlook, Office, and Windows all at once and then use FOSS only next day?
First install Firefox on Windows, get used to that. Then Thunderbird. Later Libre Office. And so on. When all that goes smoothly, then think about Linux.
Go FOSS step by step.

Those bookshelves. Piano. Wood everywhere. Just so comforting. A place for creativity.

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This was shared by Rod Dreher and is a pic of Sir Roger Scruton's office. Sad to hear of his passing. This is maybe my ideal work environment.

Helping her oldest brother clean his saxophone. He was playing Smile Meditation by Vulfpeck to finish off his practice session.

To that end ... anyone want to help me run Ethernet through my 100+ year old 2-story home? No? Didn’t think so. 👍

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