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So the internet is more "dumpster-firey" than normal tonight.

Right now I am debating waiting on the updated MacBook I have been eyeing for school and seeing if I can move more and more to @opensuse as my only platform. Right now the biggest hurdle may be homework. Will need to play with exporting Microsoft Word documents from LibreOffice with the Zotero citations to see if that will suffice for a good amount of the homework.

The switch to @opensuse Tumbleweed has gone well. Modern AMD Ryzen on this T495 works much better with a modern kernel than the LTS kernel available in Leap 15.1 I will probably try Leap 15.2 out when released in the future to see what the kernel updates can do.

The update to Tumbleweed went really well. If anyone is running a modern Ryzen platform, modern Linux kernel is needed and Tumbleweed provides just that. Picking up the newer version of @gnome has its benefits as well.

On the way to @opensuse Tumbleweed. Worth trying now before I set too many things in stone.

Most problematic aspect for the T495 has been no screen brightness control and poor sleep compatibility. I’m going to test moving to Tumbleweed as the response to that.

Contemplating moving to Tumbleweed today. Would really like the newer kernel and other benefits of staying near the edge.

Chilling in the staff lounge while I wait for my son to finish up musical practice. I guess I’ll need to get used to this.

If would support Tumbleweed with screen sharing I would probably switch. For now I will continue to try out Leap 15.1.

Greetings Mr. ThinkPad T495! Looking forward to installing @opensuse Leap 15.1 this morning!

Weather has turned too warm for me to walk to work in the morning ... something about showing up all sweaty to work doesn't entice me in the slightest. Hoping to get back into it once it cools off again.

On the flip side, my data storage and retrieval course was given a “green light” yesterday so I can start building it out in the LMS in earnest in time for students to take it later this semester!

Beard trimmer died tonight. Not great. New one arrives Tuesday. I’ll look a little disheveled half-trimmed until then.

Nothing like adding some open source software for infrastructure management.

This server will be the basis for some testing of the latest version of for our configuration management work that needs to be done. Really hoping this works out.

Installing an @opensuse Leap 15.1 server this morning and the new defaults for the server install are excellent. Very pleased.

Still think both Rogue One and Solo are underrated Star Wars films. They are the most fun I have had with the current batch of Star Wars from Disney.

Curate your own Fediverse 

You can:

* Use filters liberally to remove posts that annoys you
* Mute or block other people or bots who get boosted into your timeline if you don't want to see them again
* Try to remember to not click on CW's for stuff that will leave you feeling worse
* Unfollow

And you never have to explain why

You can do so for reasons that are entirely "selfish" or "petty"

E.g. "Their jokes were crass so I muted them"

Make the Fediverse a place that's good for you

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