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Really torn at the moment on my next tech purchase. Should investigate if LibreOffice will work with my degree program.

On vacation and writing a term paper. Also had our VM pool fall over this morning so handled bringing that back up from the clinic while my second-oldest was getting checked out for an ear infection.

I think that deserves at least one Dr. Pepper, right?

The first thing you do when you get to the lake: swing on the swings.

Wow, the single-column view is quite nice. Impressed.

Listening to the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack today. Criminally underrated.

Hey @tootapp I love the new iPad interface. However, it would be great to have the ability to shrink the sidebar to just icons (or hide it completely), so it doesn’t take up a 3rd or the screen. Is there somewhere I can make a feature request please?

I think the part I am most pleased with is that all either of the new hosts are cabled the same way. Consistency is my friend.

Task complete. Still some final cleanup and labeling to take care of, but the last set are now in place.

Goodbye old friends. Time to replace you with some new EPYC goodness. Alright Nintendo, your turn. Square has added Final Fantasy to Apple Music ... now add your OST lineup!

Homework. Finished. I’m ahead of schedule for the first time this course.

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