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I have a serious problem with finding the right bag to use for my everyday walk to work. I’ll write a blog post sometime about it.

Really hoping @PixelFed will take off in the future. I could see running an instance for my friends just to get them off of other image-sharing apps.

Crap, let's make it a poll now:

Is AMD back? Please boost

Starting to contemplate the next generation of my home network. Looking at expanding to the garage in some way, will need to start gathering ideas.

"Digital badges are so fun" ... is not the main goal. Fun without actually introducing learning is a waste. Waste of time. Waste of resources.

And like that ... Comcast outage on campus. Fiber cut somewhere. No ETA. Excellent.

Watched Detective Pikachu with my boys yesterday. Really well done. Enjoyed it myself. Would recommend to anyone with even the slightest inclination to find Pokemon fun or cute or tolerable.

Countdown banners are available for anyone who wants to help promote the release of @opensuse Leap 15.1 -

Was repping last night during date night with my wife after their first home win at Allianz Field. Was great to get that one out of the way!

Grey outside today, but yesterday was pretty amazing on campus.

“You have a right” almost almost is followed by discussions about something that doesn’t rise to the level of “rights”.

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