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Truth be told, I am going to know almost no one on this year, but it will be fun to see the team improve.

Totally agree that you should skip Season 1 of both The Office and Parks and Recreation. Parks and Rec is the show my wife and I wind down to at night.

Looking at the forecast, and the possibility of needing to load hogs in -12 degree weather later this week, does not make me super excited for getting up at 3:20 am.

I sometimes consider running my own Mastodon instance. However, today is not that day.

Fosstodon is now on Mastodon version 2.7.0 that brings some interesting new features, including the new directory (

Currently, I'm the only person on our directory. If you want to be listed, you can enable it within your account settings.

Again, thank you everyone who is helping to make @fosstodon the best place on the web to spend the minimal amount of social time. Added myself to the directory.

Toot! v1.3 is now out!

This release is more about bugfixes and internal changes to support future features, so it doesn't contain that many new things. That being said, some people will be very happy that it now applies any filters you have set up! There is no way to edit filters in Toot! yet, but any filters you've set up on the web will work.

There have been big internal changes to the posting screen, and the first payoff of this is that you can now paste images, including GIFs! Also, there is now a delete and re-draft option like on the web.

There are also more silly easter eggs to find. Enjoy!

Release notes:

* Toot! now applies any filters you have set up in the web interface.
* Posting GIFs now works, and you can paste images on the posting screen. This means GIF keyboards will now work!

* Added the possibility to delete and re-draft a toot, which lets you fix mistakes without retyping everything!
* Overly long toots are now abbreviated when shown in timelines.
* Followers-only toots are now labeled as such, and the boost button is hidden.
* User profiles and content warnings now handle custom emojis properly.
* Lots of smaller bugfixes.

That is pretty. Now I want to go to Spain.

"The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Data Center’ is a Supercomputer Housed in a 19th Century Church"

GTK 3.24.3 is available. And here is an update on theme changes:

Goodbye fully used tube of chapstick. You have been a good friend but your time has run out. Thank you for your service.

So pumped to see @opensuse here! Follow my favorite Linux distro!

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