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Reggie 3.0 arrived today. Time to change the landscape of our student and guest networks here on campus.

This song and the associated images are seared into my head from high school. That bari sax playing is LEGIT!

Probably the last day I can wear shorts to work this year. Winter is coming.

I really need to get to Target Field with the family a couple of times next year. Really missed not getting here this past year. Love the close, intimate atmosphere.

Are you new to ? If so, welcome! If you're still finding your feet here, we just published a post on the hub; "Five things to do after joining Fosstodon" which may help you get started here.

Spent part of yesterday morning in the library on campus and I think I will do that more often. Really nice place to sit down and think.

Looking to nix all of Google from my personal life (unfortunately can't nix it corporately)... I'm thinking maybe doing my own domain, but I'm also taking suggestions for other email options. Ideas/suggestions?

Anyone used for a small-to-medium agricultural setup? Looking at potentially moving from QuickBooks.

Now I need to come up with a few thousand dollars to get my own. Maybe there is a jazz ensemble I could join ...

Played my old high school bari sax for homecoming last night. 14 years and still can blast it out. Had a great time!

Really happy we replaced all of the windows in our house this past year.

There is the possibility we will be looking to replace our lineup of Surface Pro 4 machines in two years, but not having USB-C on the new models is quite concerning.

Just looking at the Microsoft announcements from yesterday (for work) and still no USB-C on the Surface Pro line. Very disappointed.

Social Media Changes

It was finally time to dig into my social media usage a little bit and make some changes. With that in mind, I have made, or will be making, the following changes: Removed all Twitter apps and the main Facebook app from my phoneAll access to Twitter and Facebook is handled through the web browser…[...]

Upgrade is done ... and just in time. Looks like it went smoothly-enough. Only time will tell.

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