The first thing you do when you get to the lake: swing on the swings.

Wow, the single-column view is quite nice. Impressed.

Listening to the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack today. Criminally underrated.

@kev @rtwx We use them pretty extensively on campus. Right now we have a touch-screen setup for checkin at the local fitness center for our campus users. Will be interesting to see how it works.

@pixeldev @rtwx Not sure I’m behind this change at all. Isolation doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

@Gina So many ideas around “confusing” is really just cover for “doesn’t work exactly like this other thing” ... it takes time.

@kev Just checked mine and about 25% of the queries are blocked. I like it just because I have kids around the house.

Hey @tootapp I love the new iPad interface. However, it would be great to have the ability to shrink the sidebar to just icons (or hide it completely), so it doesn’t take up a 3rd or the screen. Is there somewhere I can make a feature request please?

I think the part I am most pleased with is that all either of the new hosts are cabled the same way. Consistency is my friend.

Task complete. Still some final cleanup and labeling to take care of, but the last set are now in place.

Goodbye old friends. Time to replace you with some new EPYC goodness.

@brandon Those residuals from the creation of a game are, to me, an obvious place to easily, simply, monetize without cheapening your own gaming experience and making everyone happy. Win. Win.

@brandon Exactly, but once you've played the game ... gold.

@brandon Boggles my mind that game publishers don't try and do more with their untapped catalog of music.

@brandon I know what my "work mix" at home is going to be for a long while.

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