inter-departmental gripes 

@vickysteeves I could love for some context around what vexed you so much about the meeting. I am usually on the other side of the table, from IT.

I spent a little time this morning messing around with for so that I can sync PDF articles to my iPad Pro for reading. Anyone have a recommendation on an inexpensive tablet good for PDF reading and notation?

It isn't a situation where the Carbon X1 or Apple's MacBooks are better ... they are very different, and that is OK.

Work VPN setup on the ThinkPad Carbon X1 ... way easier than the past. I guess NetworkManager has gotten better.

I have my oldest son playing on @opensuse right now. No AI players, just building a peaceful civilization.

Also, first time in two weeks we do not have someone with a fever.

First day in almost a week I am feeling more like myself when waking up. I am hoping I am on the mend once again!

@codeHaiku Ah, nice work. I may need to pick something for this afternoon. Luckily I've also been able to get this ThinkPad Carbon X1 setup the way I like so that I can start using it ... so the week is not a total loss. 😄

@codeHaiku That's a good lineup. My daughter is sick as well so I've watched a lot of Paw Patrol, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and Word Party. Not quite the same. ;-)

@normandc We were at -13 F when I woke up this morning ... lower felt. Warmup begins tomorrow. Stay frosty!

Helps to be home with the flu for the week. 🥴

I have named my new ThinkPad and I am close to getting things setup enough to begin the process of moving more and more “stuff” to it.

@zen3ger There is nothing quite so permanent as that which is temporary.

One of my favorite leadership/organizational health authors is live streaming two keynotes soon. I’m looking forward to it!

I don’t know what I expected, but the fit and finish on the X1 Carbon is quite a bit nicer than the T-series.

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