If you would have told me a year ago that I’d do a morning run with my beautiful wife I’d have told you that you are crazy. However, she’s an inspiration and it is time to take my health up a notch.

Normally classes would be in full swing by this time and instead an almost completely empty parking lot.

Nice to be essential. Needed to fight for it a bit, but got it.

Hog loads this morning ... violinist practicing ... I’m going to need to get used to this remote work thing.

Son had a music festival this morning so I’m trying to provide some feedback over the school’s WiFi ... trying to say the least.

I think over 12” of the white stuff and we were able to get out and #2 to the clinic. Poor guy has influenza. Time for him to rest.

This past week we closed up the 1/16 size until our daughter is old enough to start lessons and added a 1/4 size violin to our growing arsenal. Currently have seven stringed instruments in the house, six violins, if you include my viola. Getting out of hand?

Not the outcomes we were hoping for today but the guys played hard both times.

Time to attend class. Getting some walking in is just icing.

Between Two Worlds

I have been spending too much time thinking about digital platforms again. It breaks down into two choices at the moment:

Continue working in Apple's ecosystem for much of my personal and professional lifeWork to move as much as possible to open source and free software alternatives which may include self-hosting a number of items

I have been able


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