All I could do was laugh when I found her stuck like this. 🤦‍♂️

Enjoyed our first night away, just the two of us, in over two years. Was amazing to be able to spend some quality time with this woman.

Why hello there EPYC upgrade to our virtualization infrastructure!

Outing with the family today to a bookstore. I love places like this.

Happy Anniversary to the best and most beautiful partner one could ever pray for!

All of the credit goes to my lovely wife, but this new room looks good decked out for Christmas.

Probably the last day I can wear shorts to work this year. Winter is coming.

Played my old high school bari sax for homecoming last night. 14 years and still can blast it out. Had a great time!

This bad boy came in while I was sick yesterday. Oh do I have plans!

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