Sometimes you get a picture of the (really cute) photographer as well. My wife has the best taste.

On the way to @opensuse Tumbleweed. Worth trying now before I set too many things in stone.

Chilling in the staff lounge while I wait for my son to finish up musical practice. I guess I’ll need to get used to this.

Greetings Mr. ThinkPad T495! Looking forward to installing @opensuse Leap 15.1 this morning!

Always enjoy the walk home from work. Mature trees are wonderful.

Had my two oldest out in the boat today. We were not disappointed. Pretty active little perch out.

I appreciate being able to use contactless payments at the pump.

Not the outcome I hoped for, but we had a great time. Such a pretty ballpark.

Nighttime baseball is the best baseball ... even when the score is not in our favor.

So this is a thing that happened today. She legitimately won third in her age group (runs multiple times a week, is all around amazing) ... and I somehow took second in my age group. I think the thunderstorm scared off a good number of male competitors this morning.

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