@boblmartens Nice list. Some device envy heading your way from the UK.

@jamie It is an embarrassment of riches and shame around my indecision. I feel like I need to give Linux more of a try than I have, so that means moving farther from Apple in order to really give it a try. Wildcard is grad school work.

@boblmartens I'm at the other end. I used Linux exclusively between 1996 and 2015, so I feel like I've given it a fair shake. I'm comfortable in my proprietary walled garden 😀


@jamie Nice list you have yourself. I know my boys would love for me to upgrade from a Wii U to a Switch at some point.

@boblmartens The Switch was a gift from my wife. I've not really had any interest in handheld systems before but I absolutely love it.

@jamie That is awesome. It looks like such an amazing device.

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