At what point do the Zoom issues become too big to ignore? Are we past that point?

@boblmartens the fact that it's proprietary was enough for me...

@boblmartens we? Sure, WE are well past that point.

The teachers, managers etc that are pushing people to use zoom cause they heard "it's good for videoconferencing or something like that"? Well...

@boblmartens I think it’s far past the point of return when something has reached this level of adoption. Funnily enough we discussed the privacy issues in our last Zoom meeting and the majority were not concerned.

@boblmartens @jamie
Are you really surprised though? Have similar privacy concerns stopped people using Facebook?

@normandc No. Not in the slightest. People will choose what works for them. Privacy concerns aside, it works really, really well.

I think it raises interesting questions about why FOSS consumer solutions rarely take off in this way.


@normandc @jamie No. Not surprised. Just waiting for the first big breach to come.

@boblmartens @jamie
Sorry guys, of course my question was rethorical. Still disheartening though. We're preaching in the desert.

but what is the alternative? And without self hosting because most people can't self host.

@nebunez All bad. Sadly, we’ve decided, as institutions, to outsource expertise because it is “easy”.

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