Went ahead and changed the sleep type for this ThinkPad from Windows to Linux. Will see if that helps as well.

@boblmartens @cavaliertusky

I've always hated that sleep function on machines... never worked well for windows IMHO.

Either leave it on, or turn it off... So nice when you've got Linux that powers up really fast compared to Windows...

@randynose @cavaliertusky So far I have had no sleep issues since making that switch. That was easy.


Glad you got it figured out 👍.

My distain is really based off of the time I provided desktop support, and McAfee encryption would mess up a laptop whose battery drained while the PC was in sleep or hibernate... People would loose documents / data if it happened.... Sometime we would have success, other times we wouldn't... But how sleep or hibernate are handled varies between machines..

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