So ... any good/decent eink tablets for reading PDFs? Right now I use an iPad, but the main thing I use it for is reading digital items and I'll have a lot of that to do for my dissertation soon.

Sync with and then reading and annotating PDFs would be enough for me. Open source, even better. Looking for a large enough screen to make it worth my while with decent battery life.

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@boblmartens Hi, Please have a look at Huawei Mediapad M6 10.8" & Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10" and see if any of these meet your requirements.

Both are incredible tablets. I am not sure if they are eink, but they are excellent android tablets with great battery life. They come with plenty of good features and give good bang for buck. Huwei Mediapad M6 comes with 7500mah

I am still Mediapad M3 & it absolutely rocks! I mainly use it for reading PDFs

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