I’ve probably asked this before, but what does everyone use for task management in Linux? I use OmniFocus on macOS but just starting to look around for cross platform options.

@boblmartens I use nextclouds Deck app for a kanban board and then I use Simple note and remember the milk in the browser or as electron apps. Probably not the ideal for most here though.

@boblmartens is a phenomenal command line tool. I think people have developed multiple GUIs as well.

@boblmartens Nextcloud tasks (CarDAV) or Nextcloud Deck

It is cross-platform and... open-source

@boblmartens I currently use a plain checklist in a notes app on my phone for personal task management.

At work I use a combination of a scrum board, post-its, a ticket system and emails with flags that get buried. I was surprised to dislike Wekan, since I've used Trello successfully in the past, but something about it just didn't stick.. I think it had more to do with user adoption than with the tool itself.

@Gina The work side is the most cumbersome at the moment. I’ve basically just been doing a big ad hoc system and it has really fallen apart over the past few months. May need to just dedicate some time to getting up on some new tools.

@boblmartens I've been on Nextcloud tasks with Gnome to-do for a while. It's been simple and effective for me.

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