I think the next step is to move from Safari's built in Reading List and to something more cross-platform ... like . Anyone else using it?

@boblmartens I tried it some time back but couldn't get on with it - mainly because of the iOS apps. Might have improved since then tho - would be interested to know how you get on.

I'm resigned to clipping everything to Evernote. I'm not particularly happy with it but I just can't find anything cross platform that beats it.

@jamie I saw that they are mentioning a v5 of the iOS app, which would be great. What issues did you run into?

@boblmartens User interface mainly. Designed by a developer is the phrase that comes to mind. I'm a bit picky though.

@jamie I hear you. I may run into the same thing ... I can be picky as well.

@boblmartens Yeah, I gave it a go yesterday to see if I liked it any better but felt the same.

I'm resigned to sticking with Evernote.

@jamie I can understand that. Now I am thinking through stuff again.

@boblmartens I LOVE Wallabag! Looking forward to the 2.4 release (if they ever get it done)

@boblmartens I should add that I've tried switching to Pocket but... I think I'm going to have to go back

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