Between Two Worlds

I have been spending too much time thinking about digital platforms again. It breaks down into two choices at the moment:

Continue working in Apple's ecosystem for much of my personal and professional lifeWork to move as much as possible to open source and free software alternatives which may include self-hosting a number of items

I have been able

Yes, I know these are excuses ... I'm extremely lazy.

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@boblmartens I no longer feel any guilt about using proprietary software. I used to run everything on Linux and FOSS and while it was fun, it was a complete pain in the arse to actually get anything done.

@jamie That's part of what is gnawing at me as well. I could spend a lot of time working on all of this ... but is it what I want to spend my time working on? I don't exactly know.

@boblmartens If you've got a workflow that works, keep it. The rabbit hole on the other side is bottomless.

Switching to MacOS and the ecosystem that comes with it was light turning the light on - and I've still got access to my unixy tool chain when I need it.

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