@Tayo Actually, not that bad this morning. It will drop below zero (F) later today, but I'm a crazy person who likes it that way. My wife on the other hand ...

Back in the 1990s I had to make a trip to Milwaukee in the dead of winter to help a customer with a software upgrade gone wrong. I was only there 2 days but the WARMEST it got while I was there was -24°. This southerner thought he was gonna die.

@Tayo @boblmartens As someone living in S Florida... I'm cold just reading this convo. This morning's low was 75F :/

@Tayo 😊 We had some -35 days last year. -65 windchills. That may have been a little chilly. It can get harsh.

@Tayo @boblmartens
Hey, what I'm curious about is why there are two rolls of TP on the hearth?

Since I have to be out in the cold at times when I'm working... Anything cold enough to where I need to use thermals is where I draw the line, so 20 F is fine, without any wind.

BUT, I'm glad that I do not live in Alaska any longer, where I dealt with -60 F while having jet fuel drip down my arm... And no, that -60 wasn't with a wind chill. That would have been North Dakota worse.

@randynose @Tayo Son is using them as cover for the army men. Long story.

@boblmartens @Tayo
IF not for a long story....

We need pictures of them in action.
Live and up close!

Video is even better!

@randynose @boblmartens

Hope you don't have to go outside to use that TP!!!😃

@randynose @Tayo No way. My dad has stories of needing to do that on the farm when he was really young.

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