So @gnome 3.34 on @opensuse Tumbleweed is pretty amazing. Just the speed increase is worth the upgrade.

@boblmartens @gnome @opensuse Heh, KDE 5.17.1 should be up there soon. I actually had to mask out a bunch of Gnome-specific stuff because I don't use it... I will agree, Tumbleweed is awesome, though.

@boblmartens @gnome @opensuse thats awesome to hear performance is better. considered reinstalling gnome but decided to go with xfce.

@jordan31 @boblmartens @gnome @opensuse i just switched my #ArchLinux desktop to #xfce due to a #gnome memory leak. XFCE's not burning ram, but it's not super responsive either (probably related to my storage). also just installed #opensuse tumbleweed with xfce (btrfs root with xfs home) on the testing/guest compuer and holy schnykies is it fast! when my new m2 SSD gets here my main Arch desktop will probably be moving to opensuse tumbleweed and xfce.
@boblmartens @gnome @jordan31 @opensuse yeah, i have an am3+ board with no m2 slot but i ordered a pci to m2 adapter so i could do it anyways. hopefully that adapter doesn't burn my house down. :)
@jordan31 @boblmartens @gnome @opensuse btw, the installer on the XFCE live image didn't work on the snapshots i tried. the net installer works fine though.

@ITwrx @gnome @boblmartens @opensuse xfce is fast on my machine, but now im checking out gnome. It's a shame about the memory leak, i had no idea.

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