Colleague and I spent some time brainstorming the replacement of a proprietary signage system here on campus with our own creation which uses our existing systems and processes, is more resilient, and has the Raspberry Pi as the backbone for the displays. Win. Win. Win.

@boblmartens What software do you use to manage it all? I would love to use some FOSS signage stuff in my house or at work.

@cavaliertusky We will be developing it so that it is as simple as possible. The Pis will be just displaying a web page and then we will use our file servers as the spot where people will upload the slides themselves. That's the plan for now.

@boblmartens Super simple solution to a super common problem people have. I didn't think about web pages being a possibility!

@cavaliertusky We used a similar setup for a checkin machine at the local rec center and it has worked extremely well.

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