I have considered running @nextcloud in the past ... maybe it is time to give it a shot. A personal "cloud" would be pretty cool and there are some other apps I could look into utilizing to help with some projects I am undertaking.

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

@boblmartens I ran a nextcloud server for two or three years and really rated it. It's very well put together. I was hoping that I'd be able to get family on it but it never happened and it was a bit overkill for just me.

@jamie Thanks for the feedback. Looks like it may be worth at least a shot.

It's a really great piece of software. It implements webdav, carddav and caldav, so it's interoperable with any os whether desktop or mobile. I've been running it since December and don't really ever see it stopping. My guess is that I'll have my children use it as their cloud.

@blaubachn @nextcloud That’s my hope as well. As my kids get older I want to have an answer for them that I am comfortable with. This seems to be an option.

One of the great things in this regard too, is that they can have the services without an email sitting around collecting dust. It also is a bit more forgiving for them since going with an encrypted service would put a lot of weight on them to remember their credentials in order to not lose everything.

@boblmartens @nextcloud have an instance myself which serves at the very least as a way to sync my contacts, calendars and Keepass db. Neat thing is using the mobile app to automatically upload pictures you take, acting like a backup of sorts (I'm know for losing my phone a lot).

@boblmartens @nextcloud me and my partner are using it as a calendar and file sharing thing for family related stuff. Just a 2 people instance, but having it has been great. I'm thinking of moving it to a raspberry or similar installed locally, since most of the traffic is local anyhow (syncing the phone once a day would be enough)

@boblmartens @nextcloud I also run an instance for a local group, where we keep all our shared documents. We're far away from using all of nextclouds capabilities, but I really like, that you can basically integrate everything that's necessary to coordinate a small group (or business) into it: files, calendar, chat, audio-/videoconferences, collaborative document editing (really great in combination with the audio-/vidroconferences), webUI for emails, etc.

@dwagenk @boblmartens @nextcloud be aware that up until the RPi3 the ethernet and USB share a bus, so traffic is really slow sometimes if you're transferring a lot of data. You'll want to enable the thumbnail generation as well otherwise browsing the gallery is unbearably slow.

I run ours off an RPi3 right now and it works okay, as long as you keep the bandwidth limits in mind.

@kungtotte @dwagenk @nextcloud I was looking at maybe one of the 4s at some point ... which should give me some additional speed.

@boblmartens @dwagenk @nextcloud yep as far as I understand it the 4 has separate buses for ethernet and USB so bandwidth should be unaffected.

@boblmartens @nextcloud is awesome, have you done it yet?

...what about now?

@boblmartens @nextcloud ah man, that pesky work thing is always getting in the way!

I’d recommend trying the snap package, it’s REALLY simple to install that way.

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