Follow Alright Nintendo, your turn. Square has added Final Fantasy to Apple Music ... now add your OST lineup!

@boblmartens my goodness, if I could stream the soundtracks legally I would love that!

@brandon I know what my "work mix" at home is going to be for a long while.

@brandon Boggles my mind that game publishers don't try and do more with their untapped catalog of music.

@boblmartens right?? It's not like the music alone would replace the experience of the game itself

@brandon Exactly, but once you've played the game ... gold.

@brandon Those residuals from the creation of a game are, to me, an obvious place to easily, simply, monetize without cheapening your own gaming experience and making everyone happy. Win. Win.

@boblmartens Right?? Damn, if I could get a less expensive game just because the music is on sale as well...well I would be a happy gamer then!

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