What is with all of the articles around touting The Last Jedi has the greatest Star Wars movie? Didn't we already go through this once (or twice ... or three times ...) before?

Sadly, this morning's snowstorm kept me from attending FASTCON. Was the right choice.

Was able to get iCloud Mail, Contacts, and Calendar setup in Thunderbird (read only for the last two) ... and I am quite satisfied. It will be "good enough" that I can see and reply to emails there.

Not pleased to have three file syncing applications on this machines ... but here I am.

They could use some small form factor PCs to come on the market. The Intel NUC platform is amazing for office machines and AMD could use an answer to that package.

The new AMD Threadripper benchmarks look amazing. I have been impressed with the Zen stuff AMD has been putting out and look forward to the architecture improvements making their way to their mobile packages.

Christmas music on in the background. Snow on the ground. Kids are playing nicely. Not a terrible day before Thanksgiving here.

Google keeps dragging Hangouts Chat slowly (painfully so) toward having multi-account support in their apps. They needed to have it over a year ago. Do they expect that everyone has just ONE G Suite organization they are a part of?

Sadly, looks like my @opensuse Tumbleweed install has hit an error with Rocket.Chat client installed from flathub.org, lots of error messages with amdgpu. Doesn't crash the system, but hangs severely. Will wait for some other updates before I start troubleshooting too much.

Successful upgrades complete. Pretty much painless even after this long.

Just updating from @opensuse Leap 43.2 to 15.1 via 15.0 ... don't mind me!

I'll consider not blocking ads when ads stop autoplaying *and* stop becoming vectors for malicious software.

Cripes, it's like mosquitoes lobbying humans to stop sleeping under netting.

Wife and I were Paul Bunyan and Babe, the lean, skinny blue ox for trunk or treat at our kid’s school. I think it turned out pretty well!

Just wanted to "reassure" you, Mastodon has no stock, sells no ads, and has no single company to be "in trouble". Twitter might be tanking, but we're all doing just fine here.

"Twitter is in trouble. Its stock just plummeted 20%"


Whoa ... updated @gnome Tasks is ... looking good! May need to consider how to utilize this.

So @gnome 3.34 on @opensuse Tumbleweed is pretty amazing. Just the speed increase is worth the upgrade.

Watched the latest Star Wars trailer. I'll go and see it, just for completeness sake, but I'm not hopeful. I grew up on the EU books and some of those would have been amazing as a starting point for a future franchise but what we got has been ... disappointing to me, at least.

bloomberg.com/news/articles/20 Open protocol and open source alternatives need to be the way forward. Tying residential housing automation to for-profit, subscription-based companies seems like a bad move and extremely short-sighted.

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