Many when in cold climate will just stick with the initial instinct and what more are taught: Shut your jacket and keep all clothes airtight.
Well, that's not always right.

As my army trainer told us,
the natives of Sapmi have clothes that include a belt over the jacket which is normally kept tight, but if they expect long time physical exercise, they remove the belt to ensure the jacket drops from being short to instead medium-length and allows for air to circulate from bottom to top so that the sweat is allowed out.
If it's not allowed out while excretion is anyway heating your body, it will remain while you generate less heat and then it will cool you way more than "nature intended" long term.

That's why you'll find those "annoying" strings mid/bottom of any kind of serious winter outdoors jackets. Open them UP before doing heavy work.

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I feel the key will be to continue pushing for a narrowed criteria list based on how the devices are actually going to be used instead of hopes and dreams. Those who dream can ask for an exception. Otherwise a waste of time and resources.

Spent the better part of last week on IT governance stuff and now I’m excited for the next major device refresh on campus. Hoping we can narrow it down to a few choices including one with Linux installed if anyone wants it.

Zotero is amazing, but I wish it had more/better options on openSUSE and iOS.

And another notification of the server being down. Going to prioritize its replacement this coming week.

Not sure which is better at the moment. I want to give each a try on my iPad as well.

Between Mast and Toot! ... the client situation on iOS is greatly improved. Really pumped.

oooOOOooo ... two new iOS clients for Mastodon!

Enjoyed the snow outside today. Bring on winter.

Reggie 3.0 arrived today. Time to change the landscape of our student and guest networks here on campus.

This song and the associated images are seared into my head from high school. That bari sax playing is LEGIT!

Probably the last day I can wear shorts to work this year. Winter is coming.

I really need to get to Target Field with the family a couple of times next year. Really missed not getting here this past year. Love the close, intimate atmosphere.

Are you new to ? If so, welcome! If you're still finding your feet here, we just published a post on the hub; "Five things to do after joining Fosstodon" which may help you get started here.

Spent part of yesterday morning in the library on campus and I think I will do that more often. Really nice place to sit down and think.

Looking to nix all of Google from my personal life (unfortunately can't nix it corporately)... I'm thinking maybe doing my own domain, but I'm also taking suggestions for other email options. Ideas/suggestions?

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