Did an impromptu lecture on the abstractions encouraged by the concepts of MVC ... using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I'm always amazing at how frictionless it is.

The biggest thing is that the iPad becomes almost instantly more ergonomic when sitting at a desk.

Trying out the new mouse control in iOS 13.4 and ... it is quite something. I actually really like it. So unlike normal pointers and yet almost instantly understandable.

Looking at our wifi stats on campus during gives me pause. So little utilization.

Nice to be essential. Needed to fight for it a bit, but got it.

Ah, R being updated automatically because it is in the @opensuse Tumbleweed repos is amazing.

I understand mourning the loss, but I love teaching and learning online.

Hog loads this morning ... violinist practicing ... I’m going to need to get used to this remote work thing.

Received word that we are moving all instruction to online/hybrid/flexible until at least after Easter break. It will be an interesting coming week as we try and ramp this up.

I've updated mastodon.social. There's now a new API for uploading media files, which will handle videos more reliably. Since this is brand new, only the web UI uses it for now, so you may not notice a difference from a different app.

There's also new rate limits for posting and following, though you shouldn't notice it. It's just to limit the impact of spam.

Just took the time to clean off my Carbon X1 properly and ... it really is a sharp looking machine.

Son had a music festival this morning so I’m trying to provide some feedback over the school’s WiFi ... trying to say the least.

We are very sad to announce the cancellation of the @opensuse Summit Dublin. 😢

@wallabag updated their iOS app today ... looks much better. Looking forward to giving it a spin.

Also, found that the ThinkPad T495 does not have the same sleep setting in the BIOS ... and also does not have the same sleep issues. Interesting.

It might be time to move my wife over to @matrix ... will see how adventurous I am.

We had a good discussion around documenting processes for non-technical people in our organization. I'm wondering if anyone has any good tools for doing so.

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