I am happy that I decided not to pull out the snow blower this morning. I would have had to just do it all again tonight. Once through after work and we should be able to get out again.

My wife and I continue to have discussions around social media's usefulness in our lives. I have come to appreciate how different it can be for both of us because of how we spend out days, but I still hold out hope that we can purge Facebook entirely from what we do with our time.

Another 4" of snow last night. Running out of places to put it that won't hurt my back. Very thankful for the snow blower this year.

Loving all of the 2020 presidential elections ads already showing up in my timeline on the bird site. </sarcasm>

I think I will watch Blade Runner 2049 this weekend.

Having a content distributor purchase content creation tools and creators never sits well with me. engadget.com/2019/02/06/spotif

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Toot! v1.4.1 is out! This is just a quick bugfix release.


What's new:

* Instances running Pleroma should now work again. You may need to remove and re-add the instance, or reinstall the app, to make sure everything goes back to normal.
* Zooming should work again on images now.

Youngest son hit his mouth pretty well last night, will hopefully get him in to see a dentist today. Two teeth are knocked out of place, but still in there.

Time to start the music study for the piece I will be playing in April. I do like some choral vespers accompaniment.

Doctoral homework done for another week. I may try and get a head start on the term paper before the weekend is through.

Bathroom is finally thawed out. No busted pipes.

Is Swan a chip guy or just a number-cruncher? I want AMD and Intel along with all of the ARM competitors to thrive so that we have some real competition in the space, but is Swan the guy to do that for Intel? newsroom.intel.com/news-releas

Alright, back in the office after the worst of the cold has passed. -60 degree windchills are pretty cold.

Bracing for the bitter cold coming tomorrow. New furnace filter. Extra food. Office here on campus is closed tomorrow so I'll be working from home. Everyone stay safe out there.

With the signing of Ike by Minnesota United, I am liking the upcoming season quite a bit. Will be fun to watch the team play this coming season.

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