User research played a big part in GNOME 40 designs. It has helped guide specific choices that have improved the overall design and will make it a better experience for users.

Learn more about our user research in this update from the GNOME Shell & Mutter blog:

#opensource #FOSS #GNOME40

We recorded our latest meetup discussing results from the @opensuse Survey. There are two hours of content, which was a very informative session. We're looking forward to our next session this Saturday.

Anyone know of any open source COVID symptom questionnaire out there?

To better understand all the elements involved with the release of @opensuse Leap 15.2 and to know what went well and what didn't go well, we ask you to take this survey. The survey will close on August 4. Thank you in advance for those who fill it out 😀

Running this morning with lightning in the air definitely helped my times. Have not posted two consecutive sub 8-minute miles for over a month. Traveling will do that to you.

The release of @opensuse Leap 15.2 provides adopters a reliable server operating system for deploying IT services and the tools, languages and libraries to have fun -

Find out what's new, what's different and what's stayed the same in @opensuse Leap 15.2 -

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