I have my oldest son playing on @opensuse right now. No AI players, just building a peaceful civilization.

Also, first time in two weeks we do not have someone with a fever.

First day in almost a week I am feeling more like myself when waking up. I am hoping I am on the mend once again!

Helps to be home with the flu for the week. 🥴

I have named my new ThinkPad and I am close to getting things setup enough to begin the process of moving more and more “stuff” to it.

One of my favorite leadership/organizational health authors is live streaming two keynotes soon. I’m looking forward to it! tablegroup.com/uncolivestream

I don’t know what I expected, but the fit and finish on the X1 Carbon is quite a bit nicer than the T-series.

ThinkPad is on the delivery truck and I’m home sick with influenza ...

This flu might not kill me, but needing to upload large media files for our church over our measly internet instead of at work just might ...

So I’m looking at the or Thunderbolt 3 docks. Won’t purchase now, but a single cable for a desktop-like setup is quite tempting for the future.

In the interest of full disclosure, we've added crypto-group-buy.com to our domain block list. Please let us know if you have any question or concerns regarding this domain block.

Carbon X1 should be here no later than Tuesday ... excellent. Most excellent.

I’ve probably asked this before, but what does everyone use for task management in Linux? I use OmniFocus on macOS but just starting to look around for cross platform options.

Pulled the trigger on the Carbon X1 ... should be here next Thursday at the latest. Will see how this works.

Looking over the changes for APA 7th edition and, overall, I like them. The entire thing feels more cohesive. Thanks to my colleague who has allowed me to "adopt" her copy of the manual for a while.

So far is pretty good minus the terrible app on iOS. Otherwise it is working pretty well across all browsers (minus Safari at the moment).

I'll add that I read a ton of history back in grade school, high school, and college and I hope to get back to it again. Career and family stuck has taken a front seat but I hope to pass some of that love on to my kids.

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Just grabbed two books on World War I for my son to read ... one thing I want to do after my PhD is spend more time reading history.

If you aren't following @Gina then what are you doing?

She walks the tech freedom walk, and deserves all your follows.

has quickly become my favourite Mastodon instance. A very active and helpful community.

I do miss all the interesting web developers especially in the domain from birdsite.

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