I've been thinking about looking for some mentors recently (again), and this post makes me think that maybe I should start by just considering what the mentors would think of my questions. sivers.org/ment

help.yahoo.com/kb/groups/SLN31 Crazy. I did a lot of creative writing in the early 2000s on Yahoo Groups and it will all vanish. Another nail in the coffin of trusting companies with the web.

rtalbert.org/the-urgent-and-th This article is really sticking in my mind this morning. I'm wondering if I have the proper outlook on what I need to be doing, what I need to be planning, what I should be handing off, and what I need to be actively eliminating.

Cleared out my entire reading list over the past week. That was 140 web articles, post, and pages I had saved over the past couple of years which I have now worked through. Feels good.

I jotted down some of the reasons why I don't use . I thought maybe some people may find it useful.


I wonder what the next set would be. What is the next thing I can self-host effectively?

Self-hosting my RSS reader has gone really well so far. BobRSS is working well enough for me to ditch Feedly.


I agree that data should be treated as a toxic asset. If you have to keep it around, it better be for a good reason and only as long as you need it.

Why do we put in extra work early in a course? So that we don't need to worry about our grade when we take the final exam!

Handed in my final written assignment for this course. Just have the final exam and then ... another course in the bag.

Sometimes you get a picture of the (really cute) photographer as well. My wife has the best taste.

So Star Trek Picard looks like exactly what I would want from a Star Trek series today. Makes me sad we did not get a reprise of Kirk-Spock-McCoy with the same vibe.

Going to try and panic myself into mowing the lawn tonight. A lot to try and squeeze into a single evening.

Guys do you think I should sign us up for Fosdem'20 to talk about our /#FOSS adventure? Would anyone be interested in hearing about this IRL?


Enjoying watching my eldest during musical practice right now. Quite the production to be the young guy working with a bunch of college students.

Pay a flat fee and gain access to everything may be a good value proposition in same cases, but everything moving to that model feels ... overwhelming.

Reading through a thread talking about the positive aspects of the subscription-based culture we have around us and I’m just not sold on the idea that unlimited abundance is the right balance.

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