Hey folks, I'm moving to @bobchao . It seems that you will need to follow me there again to include my latest updates on your stream.

各位,抱歉我又要搬家了 XD 搬到 floss.social 去,麻煩有興趣繼續聊天的人跟一下那個帳號。

"A keynote in public speaking is a talk that establishes a main underlying theme."


Made a tool for teams using Trello as their Kanban and do daily scrum: hackmd.io/s/H1y7s9dKV

Would really love to see someone pack the script, give it a nice setting UI, and release as a browser add-on.

我有弄個給站立會議用的小玩意(網址見上頭),如果你的團隊也用 Trello 的話可以參考參考。如果有人要把他拿去做成瀏覽器 Add-on 就更好了。

Well since the CoC here allowed English or bi-lingual (with English) posts only, I'll start post bi-lingual here.

(Or, if you found another FLOSS-related instance, please tell me :)

啊啊被警告(沒那麼嚴重啦)說這邊是英文限定的主機 XD 那... 找到另一處之前就先兩種語言都貼吧。這樣也不能從 Twitter sync 過來了。

... 暨霹靂遊俠夥計幫你導航之後,現在還有專業主播幫你播報啦啊啊啊啊

展元什麼時候也來一下。 t.co/m8f1jrUwUu

不是啊,你敢這樣貼就不要刪嘛 XD... 你美國人怕什麼 (炸飛) t.co/33Gbh14WWA


那個啊,如果我點過去發現你沒什麼「嘟」文的話就不會 follow back 唷 :) (My posts are always public accessible, as usual)

Why is it that everytime I answer the question "Why don't you just use google/apple services?", people can only listen to a 3 second response?
Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to -.-



It's time to visit Taiwan! CfP of , one of the most popular FLOSS conferences in Asia, is now open. Submit your talk proposal before May 6th.


Mastodon 的時間軸想法還挺有趣的... 混合了 TweetDeck 的一些想法,其實還蠻強的

Moved to FOSSTODON! I'll mainly post in Chinese but sometimes in English or Japanese.


Fosstodon is an English speaking Mastodon instance that is open to anyone who is interested in technology; particularly free & open source software.