Real hackers enable the evil bit on all their outgoing IPv4 packets! :linus: My RFC 3514 kernel module has gotten a lot of traffic recently. I wish I knew why...

My mind is being blown by what you can do with SAT/SMT solvers in Python. You can use them to solve sudoku puzzles in just a handful of lines! I'm starting to wonder what you can't do with them...

If you don't know where the output is going, then you are the file. :ziltoid: :thonking:

watch -d cat /proc/interrupts
# This is one of my fav Linux commands to show people. Watch those interrupt counters climb up!

:firefox: After seeing how CSS and JS can track your mouse movements I decided to compile myself. I commented out two lines to disable all CSS hover and HTML/JS onmouse(enter,leave) events. Pretty neat! Although I have no way to turn it back on for those sweet Wikipedia page previews... I hope I can figure out how to make it a per page option.

*Made possible by FOSS*

Interesting, looks like they are taking the principles of FOSS and applying them to hardware and design. Still, I think it's not exactly what I'm looking for. Is there an community like the FSF that allows hobbyists and EEs alike to share and freely license their schematics/designs? I don't have any extraordinary schems (mostly for guitar pedal circuits), but I think it would be incredibly cool to have a site and community that did just that.

(edit: missed link)
If you use Firefox and open this link and see "", you should read the blog entry linked there and fix your firefox config:

The NSA now have source posted for their reverse engineering platform, Ghidra. Last I checked it was an empty repo. Seems to work well! I disassembled a small program I had laying around and it eye-opening to see in action. Time to poke at some other software I have...

What's on your mind?

has a release candidate with online multiplayer! Fosstodon peeps feel free to friend me on there at blunaxela@stk. :tux:

time! I'm a computer engineer by day and a half-elf druid by night. In my free time I like to tinker with Linux, software-defined radio, digital logic, FPGAs, lock picking, and D&D. I wrote some code that is running on the space station! I somehow let my wife amass 8 guinea pigs. One Punch Man is awesome. Oh, and I love stroopwafels.

BTW, I use Arch Linux. (Although I'd like to try something new soon. Gentoo? Debian? Gotta stay edgy!)

I'm thinking about going to Northwest. :tux: Anyone else on Fosstodon or the fediverse thinking about going, too?

Taking my favorite game on Android, untangle, and seeing how it runs on the . Looks like I might need to change how the click/touch and drag works... I'm glad @Purism fixed the LCD panel driver. Thanks!

Alright, I _really_ like Simon Tatham's Puzzle Collection. The Android port on Fdroid is great, and I just found out many distros have packages for it, too. Try out 'untangle'!

I've just released #ncdu 1.14. This release adds mtime display & sorting, a limited form of --follow-symlinks, can display larger file counts in the file browser and fixes a few bugs you weren't likely to trigger anyway.

Get it from

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