@AMDmi3 This isn’t sgt-puzzles, but a separate launcher and wrapper for it. I mention this in the beginning of the article. :) launchpad.net/sgt-launcher

Years after the previous release, SGT Puzzles Collection 0.2.5 has arrived with a variety of user-facing improvements and a refreshed codebase. Game on in 20.04!


Catfish File Search 1.4.12, with newly introduced support for the Wayland display server, is now available!


@MrChainman Blog posts (self-hosted as opposed to nag-wall Medium, etc), regular social media updates (Twitter, Mastodon, Facebook, Patreon), and generally being a friendly, transparent, and social developer. Over time the pieces fall in place and your projects get shared by word of mouth (or keyboard). 😉

1.4.11 is now available! The latest release features improved support for symbolic links, various bug fixes, and a clearer preferences dialog. Tracking down files has never been better.


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is growing fast and we need your help!

More details in the Hub post below:


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