In the last few months, I've made some small improvements with the sound indicator and notifications in that I think you'll enjoy! I've also made non-elementary apps better support dark mode with Darkbar.

April has been a busy month! A new release, 21.04, and some development. Spring is in the air and my allergies have taken notice, but I'm feeling motivated and getting things done!

The Stable Release Update (SRU) process is well-documented but little-known. Learn how updates are delivered for stable releases and how you can help.

Two weeks in and I've been having fun with elementary development. With some updates for indicators and the Files app, I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things.

Xfce Panel Profiles 1.0.13 is now available! This release enables exporting Whisker menu configs and introduces macOS and Windows 7 inspired layouts, as well as the default Xfce 4.16 layout.

Parole Media Player 4.15.0 is now available! This release features refreshed dialogs, a more powerful playlist, and improved DVD support.

Check out the soon-to-be released 20.04 "Focal Fossa", in screenshots! Next up, the post-installation desktop. The final release is less than a week away on April 23rd. Be sure to help test the RC images when they arrive this weekend.

Check out the soon-to-be released 20.04 "Focal Fossa", in screenshots! First up, the installation process. And don't forget to help test! We'll be fixing bugs as long as we can... Release day is April 23rd.

Just in time for the 20.04 Beta, a new release of the PulseAudio Plugin has arrived! Highlights include improved MPRIS compatibility and advanced support for the Plasma Browser Integration plugin.

Years after the previous release, SGT Puzzles Collection 0.2.5 has arrived with a variety of user-facing improvements and a refreshed codebase. Game on in 20.04!

Catfish File Search 1.4.12, with newly introduced support for the Wayland display server, is now available!

1.4.11 is now available! The latest release features improved support for symbolic links, various bug fixes, and a clearer preferences dialog. Tracking down files has never been better.

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