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How do I convince NPC’s that I’m the one non-NPC?

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I know I would’ve found my life’s purpose if:
1. During conversation, somebody mentions/discusses something I’ve created without realizing I was related to it
2. I have a Wikipedia page about me (or to a lesser extent a page about something I created)
3. I find true love

I want to share my playlist with anybody and everybody

Ughhhh I hate the DMV. They kept making me upload like 10 different documents to verify myself for the Real ID

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Do you wish happy birthday to your ex if things ended alright but you don’t talk anymore?

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Almost got it.
Okay that should work.
One more tweak.

Fuck how is it 3 am already?

I didn’t even realize it was Black History Month

While interviewing for a systems engineer role, I realized I really am way more interested in backend than frontend

Why do I have more motivation to finish an assignment due 2 weeks from now than one due tomorrow

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You get a car and you get a car!
Everybody gets a car!

Oh no my internship which they planned for in-person is now remote

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