@swaggboi I haven’t watched it but I looked up some pictures of it. It seems like a normal business card though?

@XxAlexXx unfortunately I can’t do that here but def in the future if it happens again

@randynose well if I made one it would be just my name and contact info

As for a QR code, I suppose the link could be mywebsite.test/business-card and I could make it redirect to whatever I want

What’s the best business card you’ve seen?

If I make one, it’s gonna be the coolest one out there

Do you have a business card/think they’re worth it?

@XxAlexXx hmm true or just look at previous posts, I’m sure this has happened before to other people. Was also going to check r/pettyrevenge

@icedquinn @AaronTheIssueGuy hmm I thought it was usually the other way around lol, collections company harasses individuals for money on behalf of companies

@kev @urusan ah ok I’m try my luck and see if I can do small claim court then. If he wastes my time, I’ll waste his

@kev do you think it’s worth for a few hundred dollars worth?

@cybersi_io unfortunately I do not, and probably but not really sure how to make them pay

@verbumfeit not longer have access to their files unfortunately

@PrinceAlarming unfortunately my hacking skills are about nil, and that’s probably illegal lol

@oedmarap yeah down payment definitely would’ve been useful here, but ig just learn from my mistakes

@XxAlexXx unfortunately, it was just static html files I sent them so can’t do much regarding backend

@strawberryfieldsforever unfortunately I sent them my plain HTML files and can’t do that

Client didn’t pay for my web dev work 😒

How can I make them hurt?

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