Late night blues 

Sometimes, I just want to cry in a corner for no reason

When you try making your SO a better girlfriend/boyfriend but they don’t improve until they’re dating somebody new

Late night blues 

I’ve never loved someone more than I loved myself

I'm freaking out... like, a ton

1. I'm very unprepared for 2 midterms coming up
2. A group project is due soon and we have yet to pass a single test case
3. I realize my understanding of content is much less than I previously thought

I know I would’ve found my life’s purpose if:
1. During conversation, somebody mentions/discusses something I’ve created without realizing I was related to it
2. I have a Wikipedia page about me (or to a lesser extent a page about something I created)
3. I find true love

Late night blues 

Ik it’s not true, but sometimes it feels like people don’t give a shit about me anymore

Isn’t it fun when people make plans with everybody there but you

I don’t think there’s been a day of quarantine where I hadn’t thought of my regrets


Every time I get in a relationship, I always wish for more. What’s my problem??

Late night blues 

Douse it in jet fuel and set my heart aflame

Read some of my posts to my gf. She told me I’m quite the angsty teen

It’s been so long since I’ve hugged another human being

I feel like life is passing me by, and I’m going to graduate without a meaningful internship while having such a low GPA

Tbh, I don’t think I want to date anybody even if I had the chance. Too much to go wrong

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