I hate when online services ask for your real address. I always put a fake one and have never needed to provide my actual address

TIL about lsd, the next gen ls command

: In Arch, install nerd-fonts-hack and set "Hack Nerd Font" as your terminal font


Tip for Apple users: disable in-game purchases by going to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store Purchases > In-app Purchased > Don’t Allow

Never worry about accidentally buying something again

Another tip: you can also disable advertising from there, but I’m not really sure if it works

If you use Mastodon web interface on mobile, you can toggle swiping motions between timelines

If you use MacOS, here's a couple place to stop programs from opening on startup:

/Library/Launch{Agents, Daemons}

System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items

TIL about iOS 14’s private address feature. Essentially, it randomizes your MAC address for different networks.

Settings > Wi-Fi > {network name} (i)

In Vim, I mapped “m” to “10j” and “M” to “10k”, which was probably one of my best ideas ever

Deleting/offloading apps to force me to download them if I wanted to use them really helped curb me off many addicting apps


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