"A death-first search is when you lose your keys and travel to the depths of hell to find them, and then if they're not there you start checking your coat pockets."


Wtf you have to keep all these useless notifications on to keep AmazonSmile enabled in the app

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Not very reassuring to see `rpikernelhack` when updating my Raspberry Pi

I really didn’t see which states were missing until I looked at an actual US map

Always wondered how many user:password logins I could gather from a simple service that went viral

When you sign up for a new Amazon account, they sign you up for marketing emails from 94 different departments 😐

I just realized we all have holes in our eyelids. You can see them if you pull back your eyelid to see the punctum (on top and bottom)

Just started using safari on iOS 14 and google analytics is already top blocked tracker


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