@blueberry It looks pretty nice but why use it over any other search engine?

@LinuxLounge for people that still use Google (and maybe use Brave), this is more private and can hopefully can encourage them to try different search engines

@blueberry I suppose so, still it puzzles me as to why someone would want to use this and not just go straight to DuckDuckGo

@LinuxLounge some people don’t trust DDG (though I at least trust them more than Brave). People may also not like DDG search results

@blueberry I don't trust that company, and I'm pretty happy with startpage :)

@sotolf I’m happy with DDG, but the more privacy-respecting services available to people the better

@blueberry Do we know they are not leaking, or having another place to inject referral urls, or spreading the CEO's bigoted views?

@sotolf for leaking and spreading views, same goes for any other search engine so it’s just really trust, in which I mostly do trust Brave

Injection URL’s: brave.com/referral-codes-in-su

@blueberry We made a "mistake" and "forgot" to make it opt-in, yeah.. very believable if something is opt-in it's as easy as setting the flag as false when it starts, it's not an error that you make while programming.

And yes you can ignore it as much as you want, but I find supporting people that are anti-person bigots is a bad thing, which of course doesn't matter if you share those views I guess.

@sotolf pretty much all of Brave’s features are opt-out, but I can see it as a mistake; they could’ve done a much better job of hiding referral links

I guess I am somewhat ignoring it, but everybody/everything has controversies and you have to make do with what’s available.

DDG: techrights.org/2020/07/02/ddg-
Startpage: an advertising company bought a majority stake (though they’ve smoothed things out, at least mostly)

@blueberry Very nice. Let's hope it gets an API so it can make its way into the SearX selection of search engines. 👍

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