You better bet I’m watching Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry as soon as I get my hands on it

@blueberry billie eilish is satanic, abort goes against gods plan

@samuraikid abort like abortion? How do you know that God’s plan was for women to be able to get abortions?

Yes abortion, God said go and multiply not go and abort

@samuraikid according to the Bible? There are plenty of things in the from there I’m sure you’re not following yourself

Reddit thread about abortion:

So in your way to see things is good to kill a life before the birth ? Hmm

@samuraikid simply, yes. If the child is going to have a shitty life because the mother/family can’t afford to have the kid, then why? It could also ruin the parents’ lives as well since children take so much time/money to raise.

@samuraikid problem: mother has unwanted child. Solution: get rid of child

@samuraikid @blueberry HA! The existence of legal abortion in most countries says otherwise.

Following your tought, There is plenty macdonals and most people dont eat there

@samuraikid @11backslashes McDonald’s success would say otherwise as well. If nobody ate there, it would go out of business.

McDonald’s came as a solution to getting food as quick as possible, i.e. fast food, but also created more problems in the process

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