@blueberry Being the actual guy they made the movie War Games about. :D
..A friend and I also busted a Russian spy ring, but nobody remembers that.

@jtlong woah this movie???imdb.com/title/tt0086567/

That’s also pretty cool. How’d you do it? Also, I’ve heard that all the extra surveillance by the US has never actually helped do anything like that. What are your thoughts?

@blueberry Back in the day, you could enter 1's and 0's in to the computer system just by clicking the receiver on the analog handset to create characters.. sort of like morse code. I would do the typing and have a friend write down my digits and the response digits. We would just 'ping' through each menu figuring out what did what, one at a time. There was no security. I'm not sure NASA ever figured it out. Magic Mountain sure did though.


@jtlong interesting! Too bad I wasn’t around to do things like that when there was hardly any security in computers :)

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