@blueberry probably nothing. and that's okay. The dead doesn't need people remember them. The dead need nothing

@berandajiwa so you’re ok with being born, simply existing, then dying without a trace?

@berandajiwa well then while you’re here, wouldn’t you like to do something about it?

@blueberry no. why? life itself have its own plan. its own way. we are part of it, but life doesn't inform us its plan.

the only thing we can do is enjoy. and accept things as it is. that's include joy, suffering, and covid-19 :P

@blueberry Being the actual guy they made the movie War Games about. :D
..A friend and I also busted a Russian spy ring, but nobody remembers that.

@jtlong woah this movie???imdb.com/title/tt0086567/

That’s also pretty cool. How’d you do it? Also, I’ve heard that all the extra surveillance by the US has never actually helped do anything like that. What are your thoughts?

@blueberry Back in the day, you could enter 1's and 0's in to the computer system just by clicking the receiver on the analog handset to create characters.. sort of like morse code. I would do the typing and have a friend write down my digits and the response digits. We would just 'ping' through each menu figuring out what did what, one at a time. There was no security. I'm not sure NASA ever figured it out. Magic Mountain sure did though.

@jtlong interesting! Too bad I wasn’t around to do things like that when there was hardly any security in computers :)

@blueberry The first security they implemented was a parity bit. So every 9th click was always an extra 1. Then they tried no parity bit, every 9th click was a zero. They just kept changing junk and throwing stuff at the wall. It stopped being fun after the baud rates got too fast to type by hand. We mucked around with hacked modems and black boxes, but once they started doing actual authentication, THEN hacking in would have been illegal. We quit after that.

@blueberry Yep, that's the movie. I got my Commodore VIC-20 and modem in 1981, got bored with the whole mess by 1982. Somebody at the base must have leaked an incident report to Hollywood, because too many of the details line up. It was actually a few years before the movie came out on VHS tape and I saw it. When I showed it to my friend I had help me, he turned sheet white and asked how they knew about it?! The last half of the movie is pure fiction, of course. ;)

@jtlong wow, not sure I’ll ever get to say I had a movie made about me

@blueberry I don't want people to remember about me but I hope I can help people before I die, my main goal is to change the society and work less and have more time for our self and think about our self because there is too much materialism and capitalism breaking and destroying this world. Too much slaves working for few coins and too much richest "mans" (sexist system).

@blkpws I think that’s a great life goal. I suppose mine would be similar, but it’s hard to see what difference one person can make

@blueberry I will do my best at least, I know that's hard and every person is different but as you see, there is people that only want to eat and poop... xD

@blueberry flying to the moon to save the milky way that one time


@videotoaster you never know, maybe when Mastodon gains mainstream popularity you’ll be the premier account

@videotoaster the popular accounts on TikTok, Instagram, etc. probably have even less

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