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"Matrix has undeniably exploded in its popularity and use in the open source community. The fact that it can be federated and self-hosted is enticing to many, it being open source and having open protocols even more so." 💗❤️💖 :)

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FOSS elitism 

I've seen some criticisms of proprietary software in Flathub/Snap/etc.

I get it- I prefer to use FOSS when possible, too. But if making popular tools available increases adoption, in my opinion, that only helps the community grow in the long run.

I can't tell you how many comments I've read saying "I'd use Linux if not for Adobe". If Adobe joined Flathub, it'd bring **some** folks in. They could discover FOSS alternatives after a bit. Linux would grow! That's good!

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@EU_Commission please do something about this. And @eff please intervene and support the open-source developers who are victims of Google's abuses.

#FairEmail, an open-source email client for #Android that allows you to manage multiple accounts, has been taken down from the Play Store.

Even if its source code is freely available, and both the code and the app's activities have been inspected and audited before being submitted to F-Droid, Google keeps harassing the developer as it considers the app as "spyware", but it refuses to provide ANY details about their findings, or inform the developer on what they are supposed to change to get the app approved again. An appeal request from the developer only resulted in an automatic response from Google.

The developer was advised to appeal to the EU, but (maybe rightfully) he said "what's the point? it's going to take them five years anyway just to come with a decision, and in the meantime my app won't be distributed on the major Android channel, and I'll have no incentive to keep working on it". We, as open-source developers, should NOT end up in this situation. We should NOT have the feeling that the institutions are not protecting us because they're just too slow to intervene or even to understand an issue.

This isn't the first time that #Google harasses open-source developers and gets away with it. Email clients alternative to Gmail, as well as any app that accesses what Google deems "sensitive user data" (including emails, calendar, fit data etc.) will now require an expensive (talking of at least $4500 a year) and intentionally cumbersome certification process, and such a certification needs to be renewed on a yearly basis: This will mean the end for most of the alternative apps that support Google services.

This isn't about users' security. Most of these apps are open-source, owned by the community, and regularly audited by F-Droid - a store with far higher security standards than the Play Store.

This is just Google declaring their final war against those who dare to access their email, calendar or maps without using Google's apps. This is Google showing the middle finger to the world and saying "the only way to interact with your email and calendar must be through my apps".

More and more open-source developers are being so discouraged by Google's efforts, requests for money and the Kafkaesque labyrinth that they've set up for appeals that they are pulling their apps and services for good.

This shouldn't happen, and the EU has a duty to defend us against this evil corp, because we can't keep defending ourselves. Enough with all the talk about new EU unicorns: if the EU really wants to battle Google, they should do so by defending an enthusiastic community that is already building the alternatives - often without being paid a single dime, while being regularly harassed by big tech.

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The other day I saw a poll asking “what made you stay at mastodon”. Choices were like “my friends are here”, “dunno, I just stayed”, or some specific good aspects of this place. That was rather ironic as my reason which is also most Chinese users’ reason, is not listed. To this English speaking world, it’s beyond imagination for many that people tooting in Mandarin would most likely call themselves “cyber refugee”. Because we had nowhere to go. Because everywhere was censored and we had to flee.

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Bloodaxe boosted Dude, what a trip this video is. It's insane how heartless some people can be... But good seems to rise against the bulls**t!

I figured I should put my money where my mouth is. So I decided to make a to , since the platform has already provided me with tons of great content, good conversations about and so much more. Remember to donate to your hosts so the can stay alive 👍 Every little bit helps, I'm sure 😄

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Frankly I wouldn't mind an up-to-date review of either 😃

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Anyone know of a good review of ? I really wanna see how it differs from and other alternatives, but I can't find any up-to-date videos of it xD

What does the interface look and feel like?
How does it differ to Mastodon in the way it uses ?
Is it light to run your own server compared to other options?
Will it blend? 🙃

Having serious trouble with right now... I just can't relax, and I have absolutely no clue why 😑😴

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What do you consider griefing in a video game? 

I'm not quite sure, but I think perhaps for me it's when somebody is doing an in-game action where the main intent is to invoke a negative emotional response from somebody, without providing them any real gameplay advantages 🤔

So I just finished some , and I was doing some trading in my Hull A. Trading is... not in a good state right now. Over an hour I was only able to make 23.981 aUEC. By contrast I can make 20.000 aUEC in 3 min by doing satelite-missions...

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if you are using a qr code scanning app that does not show you links before auto-opening them *and* have Discord installed

do not scan qr codes from untrusted sources

and please find a new qr code scanning app

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#FlyDangerous 5.0 by was released and as usual I gave it a spin improving my mileage vastly by forcing Vulkan for this Unity game on Linux PC:

#GamingOnLinux #LinuxGaming

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Just read this on another social platform and I like it :blobcatgiggle:

"Mastodon doesn't have a quote function at all. The argument is that people should talk with each other and not about each other."

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