@dhfir @mike nice article but also tells you how to disable it

@0PT41N Well if you want some privacy from your ISP just use VPNs (I use AirVPN) and switch country/server each x time (and you can keep your connections on Europe which is the one that has more privacy respectful laws). I don't see any reason on using Tor. 😕

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

— Desmond Tutu

Is anyone already using for their day to day? How has your experience been?


@hund @robby @mike but even if you are using a laptop... keyboard typing will be always faster than a touchpad gesture xD that's why i3wm tries to help users to do anything via keyboard, you only need mouse for browsing web or few more stuff. And i3wm will use less resource and have more battery to keep using while traveling than a full gnome desktop. I will never understand why people uses gnome or others DE if isn't because they don't know about WM world.

@mike Yup, open source always gets better, never worse. I enjoyed of gnome but I am too used to i3wm and this tiling system. I still think gnome did bad using javascript on their DE but well.. they should know why they did it.

@mike but I miss the arrows and customization when I want to tell a coworker/friends what I want to show them from my screen. Idk if you know about it already but it is really nice flameshot.org/getting-started/ (I hope it doesn't lags on your Fedora and it was more a issue about my distro). The shortcut you must launch is `flameshot gui` and you get the option to select the area you want an dplace arrows, text, squares and etc. There is also a option to upload the image on imgur and get just the url.

@mike the only think I couldn't fix is the screen shot app, I am used to Flameshot and the shortkey wasn't working (I should make a custom one as I did with i3wm) but it anyways took like 5 or 7 seconds to start the gui to start the crop... so wasn't really very smooth and usable as they pretend to show on their videos, a lot of extensions to make it look as you want/need.

@mike I just tried it and well... after 2 days and more than 3 hours of configuring it (was looking very good) I switched back to my i3wm, nothing better than i3wm... I can change workspaces faster, programs runs faster and everything... even full apps/games are easy to switch from workspaces while on gnome crashed and reopened the gnome session closing badly all the apps... 😢

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