Anarchy, today, is attack; it is war against every authority, every power, every state. In the future society, anarchy will be defence, the prevention of the re-establishment of any authority, any power, any state.
-- Carlo Cafiero

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New Graffiti in Barcelona.
By Roc Blackblock.
Thanks Josep Goded for the image.

Aquesta noia, ahir la Brimo la va ferir amb un projectil de foam i ha perdut l'ull. Fins quan hem de permetre que aquestes malabesties suguin a la policía? Son la vergonya d'un cos que se suposa estan per protegir als ciutadans.
Volem la dissolució de la Brimo. Son una manada d'assassins!

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By the way, here's the artist. He's also doing a comics about Internet Explorer-tan's adventures

Antifeixisme exemplar vol. I 🖤❤️


La fugida de VOX de Vic😍😍
Tota la dignitat que els esta faltant a mitjans i partits per combatre el feixisme la trobareu al carrer.
Sou exemple.


confession: sometimes I write slow code for the pleasure of optimizing it later

or at least that's what I tell myself

Now that #whatsapp has revealed its spyware nature to the general public and many non-tech savvy people migrate to #signal, I believe it is time to introduce #matrix to your friends

No, they don't and we don't need bad behavior messengers like #Signal either.
Join @matrix for freedom with real #FreeSoftware and #federation.

This past month, China, Japan, and S. Korea all experienced record-breaking cold spells ❄️❄️❄️

Scientists have said that the rising temperature in the North Pole is the cause behind these harsh winters in East Asia. [1/2]


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