@cassidyjames Did you guys change something in Juno's theme? I can't expand Granite's ModeButton vertically anymore :/

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@elementary one of the reasons I upgraded was for Code... one of the reasons I stick with EOS is because of the AppCenter...

... now if only my Russian friends had a way of getting paid for their apps through AppCenter....

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How do you stop Canadian bacon from curling in the pan? Show more

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Happy !

@elementary has just released Juno! They even did a write up about it!


In addition to going to download your copy, some Mastodon community members gave made some wallpapers to celebrate the upgrade!


Make sure to donate to some of the devs! And thank you to @danrabbit and @cassidyjames and the rest of the eOS team!

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Don't forget to invite all of your friends to canine.cloud

If you know a dog lover, feel free to tell them about our small and growing community! I have a lot of plans for future features for this instance.

Check out my blog post about it too!

Let's pretend I renamed Tootle to Ivory (which is definitely not conflicting with another iOS app by any means whatsoever).

Should I also change the icon too?

Some people mistake me for the developer of Tootle for iOS. Should I change the app name to avoid confusion?

Yay or nay? Maybe someone has an idea for a new name?

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Developers, we're happy to announce the second beta pre-release of elementary OS 5 Juno! If your app hasn't been released for Juno, now is the time. Read on for all the fixes and improvements. medium.com/elementaryos/develo

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Man I put this off. Hi. I'm a 30 something "IT Professional" in the Metro #Detroit area. Love #Anime, #VideoGames, #BoardGames, really just #games in general.

I do a lot of reading #books, but it's slowed down a little bit in the last few years, but I'll talk your fucking ear off if you're not careful.

Long story short, I'm a #nerd. Say Hi. :3

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RT @moshboy@twitter.com: m a k e
y o u r
v i d e o g a m e s
d e e p l y
f l a w e d
v e r y
p e r s o n a l

🐦🔗: twitter.com/moshboy/status/103

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When I heard oxygen and magnesium were dating I was like, OMg!

Hey guys look what I found


It's Windows 95 running as an Electron app, the only two things I absolutely adore!

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