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De-Googling tip: When looking to get rid of a google service, make sure to evaluate whether you even need an alternative. There might be services you were using just because they were offered.

An example for me: Google Docs. I really don't need the ability to edit ALL my docs from a web browser. In fact, it feels kind of nice to have a bit of separation from them.

Free software folks wouldn't even be happy if Microsoft shared the source for their entire software library.

#Tusky 7 beta 1 (yes, polls) has been released.
Please report us any problems so we can fix them and release Tusky 7 for everyone soon!
Full changelog on GitHub:

My opinion on the bit: We need to help them correct things instead of just cutting them off and trying to defame them. Infighting does not help FOSS.

Update: #Purism changed the about screen in Librem Social Android

I don't see any issue with it. Plenty of people would have cried foul if they had written their own apps for reinventing the wheel instead of leveraging good existing projects. If they contribute back to upstream then all is good IMO.

Fedora 30 released today. Literally the only complaint is the default wallpaper lol. GNOME 3.32 is really nice, and looks great out of the box.

This is something that raises my hackles daily. Just don't do it!


Anyone out there use either vue or react without node? What do you like to use for a back end?

Does anyone own a Purism laptop? Are they actually sturdy? How's the battery life?

Did some work on simplifying the code for my website. If you have a minute, I would appreciate any feedback on issues you see with how things are displayed!

@fdroidorg Do you know what Termux (failsafe) is? Is failsafe an FDroid thing, or does Termux have two apps out there?

Update: Remembered that most sites have an official branding package, which Mastodon does:

Is there an official Mastodon icon for adding to a personal website? Or even better a @fosstodon one?

Today's goes out to @boblmartens and @brejoc. Tumbleweed was pretty simple to setup with just a few minor issues. Now to see just how stable it is for me.

I think tumbleweed is probably the best name there will ever be for a rolling release distro!

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