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@fdroidorg Do you know what Termux (failsafe) is? Is failsafe an FDroid thing, or does Termux have two apps out there?

Update: Remembered that most sites have an official branding package, which Mastodon does:

Is there an official Mastodon icon for adding to a personal website? Or even better a @fosstodon one?

Today's goes out to @boblmartens and @brejoc. Tumbleweed was pretty simple to setup with just a few minor issues. Now to see just how stable it is for me.

I think tumbleweed is probably the best name there will ever be for a rolling release distro!

So, if you need another reason to get Alexa out of your home or keep it out, here you go:

"Amazon employees are listening to, transcribing and even joking about the private conversations customers have with Alexa on their smart speakers."

When #Matrix comes back online, or even before, anyone using as a homeserver should strongly consider switching to another instance ( or starting their own.

The de facto centralization of Matrix is what's preventing you from chatting now. Promote the decentralization and federation that worked well for the Mastodon fediverse by leaving

#matrixDown #Riot

And so we enter the #fediverse. Support for all instances is coming soon. We're just waiting on more of the Keybase community to update to the latest versions so all of these new proof options will look good in the UI. Thanks for your excitement!

The #Keybase proofs system is launching tomorrow. I've just finished a couple of last-minute patches, need to get them in, release rc2, so that 2.8.0 can launch tomorrow as well

And oof, I have not written a release blog post yet

Timeline of this mornings power outage:
6:50ish - Power goes out
7:05ish - Power is restored
7:11 - Email: You are experiencing a power outage. It should be done by 9:00
7:21 - Email: Your power should have been restored at 7:04

Anyone here use :opensuse: and have opinions on tumbleweed vs leap? @brejoc @boblmartens

The best part about April Fools Day on Mastodon is you don't know a lot of people's location, so you kind of have to be on your toes for a total of almost 48 hours.


I really wish that more services had an option to send email updates and notifications in either html or plain text formats. html emails usually end up looking awful.

@blaubachn yup, it's possible but not hooked up yet. it's very resource intensive though, so we're not going to be able to provide it on (but should provide it quite shortly)

Anyone know whether group video sessions can be recorded in @matrix

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